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An Updated Escort Card

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

So i got a little carried away when i was researching for this blog post. Do you know how many beautiful and unique escort card ideas there are on the internet? You can have your escort cards do double duty - guiding your guests to their seat for the night and adding to the decor by pulling in the colors and style of your wedding theme into a gorgeous display.

Unique Textures

While classic cards may save some time or even money, I am loving handwritten names and an updated twist using different types of glass, marble, copper or even agate!


Escort Card Favors

I guess you could say these escort cards are doing triple duty! By adding a simple flag or tag, you can use wedding favors as escort cards. Once the night is long over, your guests will have a keepsake to remember your special day.


Food and Drink

Is there anything better than receiving a treat as soon as you enter an event? Is that just me? Whether it is a signature drink, customized hot sauce or drool-worthy dessert, your guests are sure to love (and actually use) a foodie favor and escort card.


It is definitely easy to get overwhelmed by ideas from Pinterest. An important thing to consider is your wedding budget. If you are keeping costs down, a combination favor/escort card will absolutely save you some money. You will also want to keep your colors and theme in mind because a beautiful escort card display also becomes table decor once a guest is seated. Unique escort cards are an easy way to wow your guests when they first enter your reception and share something special and personalized.



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