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Food Bars - Pittsburgh Edition

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Oh my gosh do I love a good food bar. Pizza bar - YES. Mashed potato bar? - YES! Taco bar - HECK YES! Give me all the toppings and all of the options and I get a little nuts. In the last couple of years food bars have definitely been a popular trend in weddings with many caterers offering food bar choices at dinner time.

I have to say though, a dessert or late night bar is the ultimate. They give guests some late night nourishment after all that dancing. There are plenty of options for those of us who are indecisive (me). Best of all, f you leave out the all important to-go bags guests will have a late night snack for the bus ride to the after party! Jackpot!

Try out these late night food bar ideas with local Pittsburgh businesses!


Donut Bar

Donuts aren't just for breakfast anymore. There are so many varieties that are sure to be enjoyed by all of your guests!


Popcorn Bar

Photo Credit: Leeann Marie Photography

I love popcorn! It makes the best late night snack. The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company has lots of salty and sweet options for bulk popcorn. They also have cute baskets and scoops available as well!


Pie Bar

Pies pies pies! An uncle used to say "There are only two types of pie I like - Hot & Cold". Try this option with large pies, mini pies, fruit pies & more!


Pittsburgh Cookie Table

Traditionally the Pittsburgh cookie table is filled with homemade treats made by the the family of the bride and groom. If you need a little extra help try one of my favorite bakeries with all the best Italian goodies - Moio's.


Macaron Tower

Delicate macarons are a elegant addition to a Pittsburgh cookie table. Gaby et Jules has a variety of flavors for every season and colors to match any palette.


S'mores Bar

This delicious s'mores bar is great late night activity for your guests. Check out all the other sweets stations offered by Bella Christie and Lil' Z's Sweet Boutique!


There are so many fun food bars that also show off the best of what the Burgh has to offer. Let your desert or late night bar showcase what you and your partner love. Have a his and her donut flavor, add unique and custom cookies to your Pittsburgh cookie table or serve ice cream with your pie if that's the way you do it at home! And don't forget those to-go boxes or bags. Try take out containers or add a cute label to a clear or brown kraft bag. There are so many ways to get creative!



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